Dealing With Bugs

Bugs are tinny, nasty creature that just consume and never produce.  When we have bugs in our home we tend to feel unclean and invaded.  When in the south palmetto bugs seem to be everywhere, no matter how much you spray, clean or try to get rid of them.  Another bug that seems to pop up without warning is the tick.  The tick is a deadly bug that if not taken care of can cause havoc.

When dealing with a tick you want a professional to handle it.  To do this looking for a good tick control services charleston is a start.  With a control service you will be able to find and stop a problem before it starts. 

Remove water

One thing that you can do is make sure that you don’t have any water near or around your house.  Ticks and other insects like to be near water since it will give them water to drink as well as a place to lay their eggs.  If we remove this water, then they will need to move and find other sources.

Cut your grass

Ticks and other insects like to hide and make tall grass their home.  When we have tall grass the rays of the sun can’t really penetrate towards the ground making the grass a cool place to live and hide.  When we cut the grass and keep it maintained, then the bugs won’t have a place to hide and this will in turn keep them away from your home.

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Spraying chemicals is another line of defense.  These chemicals however can cause secondary issues if not done correctly.  When spraying you want to use environmentally friendly chemicals that are water based.  If you do then they won’t run off into our water sources and cause environmental problems.